About The Founder

Aungelique O’Regan is a qualified advanced aesthetic practitioner with a passion for helping people achieve their personal goals. Her previous experience over the years including ventures into dental nursing and health and wellness has led her to the launch of Bare Brilliance, an aesthetic non-surgical cosmetic practice.


Lip Fillers

Professional Lip Fillers


Available in Windsor and Chiswick, London

Our lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our skin that helps keep it hydrated and volumised. Replacing this lost hyaluronic acid helps smooth away any wrinkles and creates fuller-looking lips. Our lip filler treatments ensure your lips look naturally beautiful, whether you’re laughing or smiling. We can use lip filler to:

  • Improve your lips by creating a sharper contouring of the vermillion border
  • Add volume to the body of your lips and definition to the cupid’s bow
  • Reverse lost volume in your lips
  • Reduce harsh wrinkling
  • Change the shape of your lips due to underlying asymmetry
  • Simply enhance the overall size and hydration of your lips


Russian Lip Fillers

The Russian technique accentuates the cupid’s bow to resemble a heart-shape by injecting vertically and adding volume and lift into the center of the lips, while the sides still remain relatively in line with the face. The result is doll-like while still appearing naturally full and plump. This look enhances the centre of the lips, instead of widespread projected volume , giving a flatter profile and non ‘duck like’ appearance

if you are interested in our signature Russian technique it is important to note that it’s preferred to have a fresh canvas to work with; meaning if you’ve previously had lip fillers we will need to dissolve roughly two weeks in advance. This ensures that the injected volume will be solely based in the centre of the lips. (Note: dissolving doesn’t apply if you already have Russian lip fillers, and are touching up and/or adding to them). 


Treatment Guidance


When getting lip fillers, we recommend that you avoid any strenuous exercise and alcohol for 24 hours. We advise that you don’t touch the treated area for 6 hours. If you have any concerns, you can always contact us, and we will answer any questions or concerns regarding dermal fillers, lip fillers, and other enquiries.


Before & After Lip Fillers

Before Russian Lip Fillers
Before Lip Fillers
After Russian Lip Fillers
After Lip Fillers

Our Prices

0.5ML: £165
1.1ML: £199
1.5ML £285

Russian Lips £270
1.5ML £310

Dermal Filler Dissolving: £175

Russian Lip Filler Maidenhead


Why Are Lip Fillers Used?

Lip fillers are used to restore or add volume to your lips. While dermal fillers can't stop or reverse the aging process, they can help boost your self-esteem by achieving a desired look or delaying the need for invasive, surgical lip augmentation.


Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Lip Fillers are a safe treatment. Like all our services, our lip fillers are performed by experienced, qualified professionals. All our dermal fillers use a natural substance that’s safe, Hyaluronic Acid. If you have any questions or concerns, you can discuss them with your aesthetic practitioner during your initial consultation.


How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

You can expect lip fillers to last between 6- 12 months, depending on your age and how fast your metabolism rate is.


What’s the Difference Between Russian Lip Fillers & Regular Lip Fillers?

Like regular lip fillers, Russian lip fillers use hyaluronic acid to replace the lost volume in your lips. However, the technique used to inject the fillers is different. If you’ve ever had regular lip fillers, you might have noticed the volume of your lips was uniformly increased. Some people complain this creates an appearance that can be unappealing. This is caused by the lip filler being injected horizontally for even volume and fullness.

With Russian lip fillers, the filler is injected vertically with a smaller syringe than is used with traditional fillers. Your aesthetic practitioner will start at the base of your lip, drawing the product outward toward the border of the lips. This technique focuses on the centre, improving the lip contour vertically for whatever look you desire. 


How Long Does the Treatment Session Last?

Our lip filler treatment sessions take about 30 minutes, and patients see results immediately.


How Long Does Lip Filler Take to Settle?

Any swelling should subside within 48 hours. To minimize swelling, patients should also avoid exercise for 24 hours after treatment. It takes approximately two weeks for the results to settle completely.


A safe pair of hands: My Expertise

My commitment to being up to date with the very latest techniques and methods is one which has seen me attend over twenty seminars and successfully complete numerous training courses in non surgical cosmetic procedures. All of these through accredited and internationally renowned institutions. These include safe practice, basic life support and infection control.

Ensuring client safety is a number one priority. To this end I am licensed, insured and trained in complications and medical emergencies. I am also an active member of the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain.