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What is the difference between Russian Lips and Normal Filler?

Russian Lip Filler Maidenhead

What is the difference between Russian Lips and Normal Filler?

Are you considering a lip filler? The idea of fuller, more youthful looking lips can be appealing. On the other hand, you may be trepidatious because you’ve seen results that look overdone or unnatural. Enter Russian lip fillers. In London, this type of lip filler is becoming increasingly popular, because it offers a more natural look. What are Russian lip fillers? Here, we’ll take a look at this new technique and answer the question, “What’s the difference between Russian lips and normal filler?”

Russian Lip Filler creates the perfect baby-doll look

Russian lip filler is similar to other lip fillers in that it uses the same products, containing hyaluronic acid. It’s different because of the technique that’s used to inject these fillers. The technique used gives a more subtle look than other fillers, a heart shape with volume at the center. The lips are flatter than with other fillers, because the goal is not plumpness but height. (Of course, if you want plumpness as well as height, that can be accomplished as well!) The look is reminiscent of a Russian doll, which is where it gets the name. Like the beautifully shaped lips on a Russian nesting doll, your lips will have a perfect baby-doll look after this treatment. Instead of a duck pout, you’ll have a side profile that remains balanced.

How are Russian Lip Fillers different?

So, what is the Russian lip filler technique? First, let’s talk about traditional lip augmentation. If you’ve ever had a lip filler procedure, you may have been pleased with the results, but you also might have noticed that the size of your lips was almost uniformly increased. In some patients, this can cause a sausage-like look that can be unappealing. The reason for this is that, in the traditional technique, the filler is injected horizontally, for even volume and fullness. With the Russian lip filler technique, the filler is injected vertically. The provider uses a smaller syringe than is used with traditional fillers, and starts at the base of the lip, drawing the product outward toward the border of the lips. In the traditional method, the product is worked from the lip border in, while the Russian technique works from the inside out. The technique focuses on the center and pays special attention to the cupid’s bow, improving the lip contour vertically for a perfect, heart-shaped pout that’s magazine-perfect but just as natural as your normal lips.

If this sounds like a look that would be perfect for you, there are a few important things to know. First, the Russian lip filler technique works best with a blank canvas. In other words, if you’ve had traditional lip fillers in the past, the existing fillers will need to be dissolved first. This will have to be done about two weeks in advance. Once the fillers are dissolved, the provider will be able to ensure that the volume injected will be focused in the center of the lips. If you have had Russian lip fillers in the past, however, you won’t need to have them dissolved. The provider can touch them up or add to them without this kind of preparation.

How long does Russian Lip Filler take?

Russian lip fillers take between 30 minutes to an hour. They can take a little longer than traditional fillers because filling a specific region of the lips requires more precision. Typically, the effects of Russian lip fillers last between six and 12 months, with touch ups required every three to nine months.

It’s important to note that the Russian lip filler technique is an advanced procedure, requiring not just skill and experience, but also knowledge of the anatomy that underlies the lips. It’s crucial, then, to find the right provider if you’re seeking this treatment. An inexperienced injector can cause long-term damage, including asymmetry, infection, bulging or split lip skin, uneven and lumpy lips, or even tissue death. Before you decide to have this procedure, do your research and find a reputable provider with experience in the Russian lip filler technique. Don’t go for a cheap option or a salon that also provides fillers, but choose a reputable clinic with well-trained practitioners.

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